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Around & About: Piecing it all together


Now that you've got some of the places to go, it's probably worth thinking about where they sit in relation to each other if you wanted to combine a few of them for a day out.


For example, the Museum of London is about 5 minutes walk from St Paul's, which is a stones throw from the Millenium footbridge that takes you over the Thames to the Tate Modern that sits on the Southbank next to the Globe, which is near the Clink Gaol and the Golden Hind that's a short walk from London Bridge and the Momument to the Great Fire of London. 

Cheapside to Bankside

Monument & Tower of London to the Unicorn

Trafalgar Square

to Denmark Street

Brick Lane to The

Museum of Childhood

Houses of Parliament

to the Southbank


to Greenwich

Theme parks

and attractions


144. Chessington

145. Legoland

146. Thorpe Park

147. The London Dungeon

148. Madam Tussauds

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