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Family Fun in London – the team and what we do.

FamFunLon (Family Fun in London) is made up of a group of parents who love having great days out with their children. For me, I love London and there is always something going on, but the trouble is you have to know it is happening.


The first time I thought it'd be great to do something like this was when the Sultan's Elephant was in town – a street puppet show created by the Royal de Luxe theatre company – that uses huge puppets and played out over 3-4 days. 


I was in two minds whether or not to journey in with the kids, but was so glad I did. If I'd missed the spectacle, I’d never have known quite how good it was and my children would’ve missed out on some fabulous memories.  I could have done with another parent, whose opinion I trusted, advising me to go along.   


My aspiration for FamFunLon is that it fulfills the role as a trusted friend. You can sign up to get our newsletter, we’ll tweet as soon as something comes up and there’ll be regularly posts on Facebook.


This site is never going to be a comprehensive list of everything in the capital, but it will give you a good selection of places to go, with a focus on family fun. Likewise, if you find something new you’d like to share, drop me a line.  


David Wright


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